Wednesday, 04 August 2021

Family man is no longer bowling maidens over

Family man is no longer bowling maidens over
IF you had to name a comic less likely to star in an imaginary remake of Men Behaving Badly then Miles Jupp would possibly come to mind. But the urbane theology graduate, who possesses one of the poshest voices in comedy, was known to his school friends as Gary (the character played by Martin Clunes in the Nineties hit sitcom) and admits to a singleton lifestyle for a few years after university. He adds, however, that it was merely to serve his devotion to cricket.

“When I moved to London I shared a flat with a few others and someone would turn on Sky at 7.30 in the morning and it would stay on until 2.30 the next morning,” he says. “I wasn’t working very much then so sometimes I watched a match from first to last ball. Yes, I admit it was a life of takeaways and box sets, but hardly laddish.”

Now Jupp, 34, and his wife, Rachel, whom he met at Edinburgh University, don’t even own a television and, as the father of four young children (including twins born during the London Olympics), the comic’s days of ball-by-ball viewing are long gone, even during the recent Ashes series in Australia.

“I’d like to be able to stay up all night watching but when you have young children that’s not really an option. I can’t sacrifice sleep at the moment.”

He’ll be wide awake, though, when he brings his new comedy show Miles Jupp Is The Chap You’re Thinking Of to the Kenton Theatre, which he describes in typically deadpan style as: “Just me telling stories in a needlessly wordy 90 minutes.”

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