Saturday, 24 July 2021

Irish act to entertain

Irish act to entertain
IRISH band Dervish will appear at Nettlebed Folk Club on Monday.

Dervish concert performances are a myriad of tones and moods ranging from high energy tunes, played with fluidity and intuitiveness, to beautifully measured songs, from charming lyrics of life and love, to inspiring melodies that lift audiences from their seats.

All the elements are drawn together by Cathy Jordan’s masterful stage-presence. Her stories to the songs and her interaction with the audience draws people into the music in a way very few performers can achieve.

The concert is at Nettlebed Village Club, High Street, at 8pm. Box office 01628 636620 or visit

ONE Man Lord of the Rings and One Man Star Wars Trilogy will appear at the Wycombe Swan tonight (Friday).

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