Monday, 21 June 2021

‘Charlton Heston was very kind gentleman’

THERE have been many interesting men in the life of Hildegard Neil, not least of which is her husband, Brian Blessed.

The actress, who stars in Enchanted April, the latest play at the Mill at Sonning, has been married to the man famed for his booming, sonorous voice for more than 35 years — but she says life at their home near Bagshot in Surrey is actually very peaceful.

“We are quiet at home,” she says. “Brian has spurts of talking the hind legs off a donkey. But he works a lot and he also likes home to be quite a nice, tranquil place.

“He’s got a chalet he retires to in the garden where he does a bit of work and study, and watches movies. And we watch a lot of football together.”

In fact, when the pair appeared on TV game show All Star Mr and Mrs in 2009, it came out that he supports Newcastle and she supports Liverpool. One can imagine ripples in the peace and tranquillity of home life when either team is playing on the TV.

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