Sunday, 25 July 2021

Musical is about to blow in from the Windy City

THE sound of cracking whips and yee-has! will echo from the rafters of the Kenton Theatre next month when Woodley Light Operatic Society brings its latest show to Henley.

Calamity Jane is the story of a young girl who prides herself on being bolder and braver than any man in the Wild West.

She can drink, shoot and tell stories as big as any of ‘em — only Wild Bill Hickock is willing to challenge her.

Much to Calamity’s disgust, all of the men in that tough frontier town are sweet on the music hall star Adelaide Adams. When vaudeville actor Francis Fryer, is mistakenly hired as a female performer, Calamity calms the angry crowd with a rash promise to bring Adelaide Adams to perform. The stage is set. Calamity rushes into Adelaide’s dressing room and persuades her to perform — without first confirming that the woman she is bringing with her actually is Adelaide.

This is a wild journey of loyalty and betrayal, jealousy and self-sacrifice. Watch as a girl called Katie finds her courage, a lieutenant finds love and Wild Bill meets his match. And Calamity? Well, the journey with Calamity Jane is never straightforward. The Deadwood Stage, Just Blew in from the Windy City and Secret Love are just three of the well-known numbers in this musical.

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