Monday, 21 June 2021

Now children, please don’t try this at home

FOLLOWING in your father’s footsteps is never easy, but when the family business is magic then you really need to know the trick of making it work. And when you decide to perform as a double act — particularly with large saws involved — you are relying on a rather special family relationship. That is just what Philip Bond and his son Jeremy have done to considerable critical acclaim.

Next month they come to the Kenton Theatre with their show WOW! Not surprisingly they will not appear on stage as plain old Philip and Jeremy Bond from Hertfordshire — but as Doctor Bondini and JezO.

Their poster promises magic, grand illusion, comedy and danger and it is a fascinating mix of the traditional and new in the timeless world of magic.

Philip did not start off as a magician. In fact he was a pharmacist before the lure of performing full-time led to him taking the professional plunge. But now he is enjoying work with Jeremy.

“We fit together and if there are any problems I think it is easier to solve them when you are working with your son,” he said.

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