Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Who will play the great detective in new Sherlock Holmes show?

Benedict Cumberbatch look to your laurels. Casting has started for a new Sherlock Holmes play that will have its world premiere at the Kenton Theatre in Henley next month.

To Kill a Canary, set in the London of 1916, will run at the New Street theatre for eight nights from September 18.

The latest Sherlock will be older and more traditional than the Great Detective as portrayed by Cumberbatch in the hit

BBC series. But co-producers Ed Simons and and Kent Walwin are confident that the more mature Holmes will appeal to a wide audience and they are hoping the production will transfer to the West End.e_SClB

Mr Simons, 68, who is chairman of the Kenton trustees, said: “This is something we have always wanted to do. The demand for Sherlock Holmes stories is everywhere and we felt this was an opportunity to feature Holmes and Dr Watson in a more traditional way at a slightly later stage of their lives when they are in their early sixties.

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