Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Sherlock Holmes... but not as we know him

IT WILL be a very different Sherlock Holmes that steps on stage at the Kenton Theatre for the world premiere of the play To Kill A Canary.

It is 1916 and 10 years since Holmes last worked on a case, and the same period of time since he last saw Dr John Watson.

We all have our images of Holmes whether based on Basil Rathbone or Benedict Cumberbatch or the dozens of actors who have brought Conan Doyle’s creation to life on stage or screen in between but he has always been authorative, self-confident and unerringly right.

But Peter Land who will be playing the role at the Kenton delights in the fact that his Holmes is in his sixties: “He has arthritis, he hasn’t worked for 10 years, nor has he seen John Watson in that time and Watson is annoyed with him. He is less confident about his powers, he needs Watson to help him ... he even says please.”

Playing such an iconic character does not faze him. He said: “I would be a fool not to draw on what I have seen of actors playing Sherlock. I have seen them from Basil to Benedict. He is such a complex character but at the same time quite easy to get a grip on.”

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