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Brothers pay tribute to Sir Terry Pratchett

TWO brothers appearing in a play based on the work of Sir Terry Pratchett

TWO brothers appearing in a play based on the work of Sir Terry Pratchett have each written their own tribute to the late author.

A Henley Players production,

is at the Kenton Theatre from Wednesday to Saturday next week (October 14 to 17).

Adapted by Stephen Briggs from the 18th novel in the Discworld series, the play sees Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg visit the Ankh-Morpork Opera House in search of reluctant witch turned singer Agnes Nitt.

Among the cast of the play, the plot of which is said to carry echoes of

The Phantom of the Opera
, are brothers George and Harry Petrie.

Together, they decided to use the occasion to pay tribute to Sir Terry, who died in March.

George says: “I grew up with Pratchett and in every book, movie, play or game I have enjoyed I can find certain similarities in his style. My views on both art and modern life are shaped by his unique way of looking at any subject.

“He saw both the way things often presented themselves as well as the way they looked from angles you hadn’t considered before.

“I sincerely doubt I would be as cynical, or as in love with creative fiction as I am without his influence.

“Beyond what he meant as a writer, whose work I love, he also stood as an exemplar of what an artist should be: looking at genres outside your own and expanding your view of the world and your mind constantly; never looking down at alternative art forms but instead looking for ways you can express yourself through them.

“Above all, he held that money was ‘an unavoidable consequence’ and that the only reason to write, to create, was it gave you joy to do so.”

Harry says: “Having come to Pratchett’s works at a later point than my brother, I found their wonderful oddness and fantastic humour a constant joy. His inimitable style has left it’s impression deep on both the way I write, as well as how I view the world.

“Having greatly felt his passing, as did legions upon throngs of his fans, finding a means of paying tribute to the man that had, and will always have an immense impact on me, has been no mean feat.

“But I hope, as I am sure my fellow cast members do, that our production of

will in some small way show our appreciation, respect and love for both the man and his works.”

Showtime is 7.30pm each night, plus a 2.30pm Saturday matinee.

Tickets are priced £10 for adults on the first two nights and at the matinee, with concessions available at £9. Friday and Saturday night tickets are £12.

For more information visit or call the box office on (01491) 575698.

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