Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Beauticians frustrated by ban on facials

Beauticians frustrated by ban on facials

THE owner of a Henley beauty salon says she is furious at the continuing ban on facial treatments.

Beauticians were preparing for an influx of customers from Saturday when the Government was expected to say it would allow treatments such as eyelash tinting, threading, botox, dermal fillers and chemical peels.

Instead, the decision was put back another two weeks.

Salons re-opened last month with new safety measures in place having been closed for four months due to the coronavirus pandemic.

However, they have only be able to offer massage, manicure, pedicure and waxing and not treatments relating to the eyes, mouth or face.

France Baudet, who owns Cannelle Medispa in Hart Street, said: “I am so angry because it has left us in such a difficult position. We were booked up for all weekend but were told on Friday afternoon that we had to cancel all our appointments.

“I am so upset. Facial treatments are our bread and butter. Before the lockdown it was 46 per cent of my turnover. It is a huge chunk of my business that I have lost. I have already lost four months of turnover.”

Mrs Baudet, who spent almost five hours cancelling appointments, added: “The rule should be the same for everyone. If you want to go and have your beard trimmed, you can go to the barber but we can’t do anything.

“They’ve opened up the pubs and you can go and have a drink and be in the face of your mates without a mask but you can’t come to our salon.”

Sonia Hussain, director of Beauty Lounge in Market Place, Henley, said: “If barbers are allowed to get close to your face to trim your beard, why can’t we get close?

“Facial treatments are probably half of our business. Women’s treatments are a huge thing and there is a lot of money in things like eyelash tinting.

“Because I am having to turn those customers away, I am losing out. I had to rearrange all the appointments and we are still not sure if it will be in a couple of weeks, or if Boris will extend it again.

“I honestly think we could operate safely. When we use thread, we usually put it in our mouths but we have found a way of putting it around the neck instead.”

Raymond Duong, owner of Armour Beaute’ in Reading Road, said he understood why the Government was being cautious but it was impacting on his business.

He said: “It is tough and I would say a third of our revenue is affected.”

The salon is currently only able to offer manicure and pedicure treatments and customers must sign a consent form.

“We can’t do threading or eyelash treatments,” said Mr Duong. “Unfortunately, with threading it is not safe, I have to be honest. With most other treatments it should be absolutely fine.

“We try our best to eliminate cross-contamination. We have to be thorough but we had high standards of hygiene in the beauty industry before the virus came.

“I can see what the Government is trying to do. They would rather be strict than have another outbreak because it could be a lot worse. I am from Vietnam where they’ve been very good in restricting people and giving them piece of mind.”

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