Saturday, 25 September 2021

Embrace change and swim against the flow

DEAR friends,

I find March is always a bit of an odd month, especially as I have two young children.

As a family, we are used to waiting in March, waiting for news of where our children would be going to receive their secondary education.

Waiting is never a good time, no matter if the waiting is to hear where the children will go, waiting for exam results, waiting for results from a medical examination or waiting for news if a friend has recovered from an illness.

Another one in our family is my mum waiting for us to phone her to let her know that we have arrived home safely after visiting her — she cannot relax until she knows her family are all safe.

The relief when the waiting is over is often intense, no matter if it is good news or bad, but the wait is finally over.

But with the wait being over then change needs to take place, planning needs to happen, sadness needs to be dealt with and joy needs to be celebrated. But change is happening.

I heard a view the other day from a colleague in a response to the comment that we should “Go with the flow” and his response was that “only dead fish go with the flow”.

He then went on to explain that if the fish are alive then they are often swimming against the flow, especially salmon when they journey up river to their spawning grounds.

They swim constantly against the flow with all their strength in order to produce new life.

New life is always worth the work and new life produces hope and joy in a deeply basic level. Surely that is also what God is wanting for us all as well — new life, new hope and a deep and meaningful joy.

But in order for us to receive this gift then we need first to wait to receive His word, then to act on His word in our lives and then to swim against the flow so that we can produce new life in all its rich variety.

But this brings us back to another problem in that most of us do not like change, or at least we say that we don’t, but life is always about change.

Our bodies are in a constant state of change from the moment of our conception until the final atom of our being is given back to the earth.

We grow, we change, we develop, we learn, we diminish, we die… we are finally reunited with Christ in life after death.

But for the whole of our existence we have to deal with change in every aspect of each and every day.

So perhaps instead of looking at change as something bad, as being negative, we could try to look at change as positive, as allowing us to grow into the full potential that God designed for us.

Perhaps we should all allow change to happen in our lives and then celebrate what God does with that acceptance and look at the result with joy and delight.

Yours in Christ,


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