Thursday, 16 September 2021

Rejoice in newness of life all around us

MY birthday is in February and since my daughter lives in America I can always rely on a lovely bunch of flowers being delivered from her. Even better, the internet firm she uses always includes a little box of chocolates!

This year the bunch was purple carnations and freesias, white carnations and roses and purple painted twigs to set them off.

The twigs had tiny little buds which were covered in paint. I thought there wasn’t much point putting them in the water with the flowers but I did.

A few days later I noticed the paint around the buds had cracked and tiny green leaves were pushing through.

After several hours in the sun, the leaves had unfurled and turned into fresh, green pleated fan shapes.

Now the purple twigs looked strange. Water and sunshine meant those tiny leaves forced their way into life. Life is powerful.

At the same time of year daffodils are pushing through cold, wet earth to lift their frilly trumpets into the air and in the fields the first tiny lambs are wobbling on unsteady legs.

We all begin to feel better when the sun gets some warmth to it and primroses and violets appear. The trees have a wash of green after months of dark barrenness and birds are beginning to sing again.

After the cold and damp of winter it’s good to know that spring is coming when the world seems to burst into life again. Life is powerful.

When the world was created, according to the Bible, it came into being as God spoke. Is God’s word the powerful force that brings life into growth?

However we explain the poetical description of creation that we find in Genesis, our hearts accept what our minds can’t and we rejoice in the rebirth of the world that we see every spring.

So this week, let’s take time to turn our faces to the sun, to enjoy the daffodils on the roadside and the catkins hanging on the otherwise bare branches and to feel the throbbing of blood in our veins and the joy of breathing in warmer air.

Whoever and however we think made this world, let’s rejoice in the newness of life we see all around us. Life is powerful.

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