Thursday, 21 October 2021

Ascension means we carry Christ with us

A FEW days before I wrote this column, the Church of God celebrated the great Feast of The Ascension (May 25).

I wonder how many readers will have kept this great day of the Ascension, or even know about it?

So let’s start with a quote from Matthew’s Gospel, where Jesus said: “Remember I am with you always, to the end of the age.”

So we need to think, more often, about the presence of Christ.

And what do Christians think and believe about the Ascension?

When Jesus was on earth he was restricted to being in one place at a time, so his Ascension into heaven was “a visual aid”. It was to convince the disciples that he was not restricted to his earthly presence with them.

Christians need to make sure that the villages and towns around them know that at the Ascension of Christ He has ascended into a “non-material, non-spatial form of existence”.

For Christian people they believe that they can now speak with Jesus wherever they are and at any time and be certain that He will hear them.

Christians will also want others to realise that they are never on their own any more. Why? Because they carry the presence of the invisible Christ around with them wherever they are or go.

Clearly at his Ascension Jesus promised us that He would give us His Holy Spirit which would lead us into new truths.

There are many former Christians over our history whose lives and ministries we can learn from as we learn of their examples of faith (and work) in the ascended Christ and of the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Many former Christian people over the pages of our history were quite certain of the presence of Christ with them, coping with many incredible fears, who trusted the Holy Spirit to lead them into new truths.

They were also given words to communicate God’s love.

Today many of us will want to sing the hymn Hail The Day That See Him Rise, Alleluia.

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