Sunday, 26 September 2021

Will world be better for our children?

WHAT do the quiet voices ask?

Today we have a new government. Decisions made in this parliament are without doubt going to be some of the most important that are made in any of our lifetimes.

In the light of this, I thought that I would ask some of those who are going to be the most affected by these decisions what their priorities for the new government should be.

This group is also arguably the least heard in our society. They are the children.

I asked a group of 10- and 11-year-old boys and girls from Checkendon Church of England Primary School to write down the single most important thing for them that the Government should attend to.

With their permission, I’d like to share some of their reflections in the hope that it helps you to “pause for thought” a little as we all consider what the future holds for us as well as for these young people.

Can I suggest that you read them slowly, reflecting that each one is one young person’s top priority for the new government.

“I want the Government to make the right choices for England.”

“Please help the homeless to find homes.”

“Please try to stop global warming.”

“I would like the Government to help schools.”

“Please stop cutting down trees.”

“I would like [the Government] to make good decisions so everyone in the UK can be happy.”

“Please keep us and the environment safe from harm.”

“Please try to cut down the amount of pollution that goes into the air.”

“I want the Government to reduce the amount of horrible people attacking all over England.”

“I would like the new government to be fair and to stop all the terrorist attacks, or at least to try.”

And, finally, one for the minister of education:

“I would like the Government to put horse-riding in the GCSEs.”

So, all you grown-ups reading this, I suppose we had better make a start.

Are we doing enough to leave the world a better place for these young people so that when their “turn” comes around, they will remember us with thankful hearts and not curse us for our negligence?

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