Sunday, 19 September 2021

IMAGINE your soul as being like the Henley Bridge; many busy times and also a few quieter times.

The job of the bridge is simply to bear the weight of traffic for a short while and then allow it to go on its way.

There is no problem when the flow of traffic is even but when there are traffic light or car breakdowns, this leads to problems and impatience. Your soul too, has to take the weight and let it go.

The suffering becomes prolonged only when you do not acknowledge its existence and let it pass on. Then it sits on your soul like a judgement.

The time to repair the bridge is in the night when the traffic is light. Your prayers in quiet times gives you the strength to cope with the heavy and busy times. It is the time to dig, patch and repair in the night. As a result the world can flow over your soul in the day without congestion.

You must allow the flow of faith, love, healing, hope, joy and light to pass through you and into the world. You must allow the flow of hatred, darkness and sin to flow from the world through you to God.

All of this is done by prayer and by forgiveness of yourself, of others and perhaps even God himself for what you feel he has done to you.

Little by little you grow in the power of prayer, in the ability to bear the weight and accept the contradictions of the two-way flow between God and the world.

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