Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Like the plumber of your dreams...

THREE weeks before Christmas last year, our central heating pipework malfunctioned and our boiler broke down.

We could not find a plumber who could fix it until this week — that’s no heating for three months, including Christmas and two “Beasts from the East”.

We survived the cold with electric fan heaters in a few rooms, thick sweaters, warm coats and extra socks but still caught the customary winter coughs and colds.

On Wednesday this week the heating came back on — it’s like being in Tenerife now.

The boiler purrs like a contented cat and every radiator is working at the same time, something we have not experienced in 14 years at this house.

The pipework is now super-efficient and we have a warm home to invite guests.

The only downside to all these improvements is that we have a big bill to pay.

The Easter celebrations that we are about to enjoy over this weekend have some similar features.

We don’t need to look far to see where social, family and international relationships have broken down and are in need of repair. Many are left out in the cold.

The Easter message is one of a rescue and repair mission that mends a broken and dysfunctional system.

The key person in the Easter message not only repairs our damaged lives but also pays the bill himself.

The equivalent would be a plumber who replaces the boiler, then pays for all the labour and parts himself — “in your dreams” you might say.

That’s why Christians all over the world like to stop and celebrate Easter.

Henley churches like to join together in Falaise Square to celebrate Good Friday. The churches are usually fuller than usual on Easter morning because people want to mark this occasion.

Christians have confidence that the creator of the universe sent His son Jesus to live a perfect life and to die on a Roman cross to pay the price for all our wrong actions.

Christians believe the resurrection is the evidence that everything this man Jesus said and did really is true.

We are invited to connect with what God has done for us and to receive forgiveness and power on the inside of our lives.

Why not stop and listen to this message first-hand this Easter and see if you can see the similarities to my new improved heating system?

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