Monday, 18 October 2021

Turn to friends and faith amid change

DURING the months of May and June our gardens look their very best; they are a real treat and a great boost to our feeling of wellbeing.

But as the summer progresses the blooms begin to fade and all too soon autumn and then winter will be upon us once again, so my mind turned to change.

Change is inevitable and the challenge for all is to embrace that change, enjoying the late flowering summer plants, the autumn colours and then the crisp winter days.

When we do that we shall be better able to cope with the downside of the changing seasons.

But sometimes change is neither as predictable nor welcome as the seasons.

Change, especially when it comes out of the blue, can be very difficult to understand and manage.

The unexpected death of a loved one, the loss of employment or a home, forced retirement, illness or disability, to list but a few.

It is when unwelcome change happens, be it sudden or perhaps inevitable, that we need a source of support and hope and that we shall find in two places.

Firstly, in our friends, upon whom we can lean, remembering that our family are often the best of friends too. As a Christian, I have another friend in Jesus. There is a wonderful and well known hymn, What A Friend We Have In Jesus.

It is worth reading time and again and if you don’t know or can’t remember the words, Google it!

Secondly, we will find that support and hope in faith.

For me it is the Christian faith but I have no doubt that those of all other faiths would agree that in times of unwelcome change or difficulty, it is their/our faith which can and will give them/us the strength to deal with change and the courage to move forward.

Faith is both an anchor and a compass in our lives, especially in times of pain or trouble.

An anchor to hold us fast, to keep us away from the rocks and a compass to point the way to calmer waters.

So if and when we are confronted with change which we might find difficult, it is then that we can and should fall back on our friends and our faith.

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