Friday, 17 September 2021

Christianity has no winners or losers

HOW can a few words do justice to a reflection about life in Henley in July?

The Thames has brought us the spectacles of rowing on the water, fashion on its  banks and a rich selection of what and where to eat and drink.

Then the change of tempo for the festival extravaganza, appealing to other interests and maybe different people. Quite a contrast.

I wonder how these major events, affecting most of us in some way, speak about life in Henley after July.

On the one hand we have those competitors whose talent and training have culminated in success and prestige and yet leave with no promise of a return to such victories or further celebrations. Theirs is an achievement locked in time and space.

The journey of faith has no such limits, nor does it require talent or training to take part. It is open to all, no preconditions, no retirement. Willingness — yes.

And the onlookers, the audiences? There are so many reasons we can enjoy watching the abilities of others. Family and friends might be  hoarse with cheers of loving support or sore-handed from applause, sides may  ache with amusement or perhaps the beauty of words and music thrill the spirit, but the finishing line has to be crossed, the curtain must close, venues have to be vacated — there is an ending.

The journey of faith goes on with each and every traveller on a spiritual path.

For the Christian there are no winners or losers because of what Jesus has done for all. In the Christian life, all can receive the love, grace and peace of God.

The message of the cross is not a performance that will be packed away, nor will it be silenced.

I hope you had, or are having, a wonderful time enjoying the July celebrations that make Henley an international focus, for a while.

I hope, even more, that you have a wonder-full time, every day.

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