Tuesday, 12 November 2019

We need mending before a fresh start

CHRISTMAS for cracked and broken people?

One of my abiding memories of school was the build-up to Christmas with school plays, parties and dreaming of presents that I might receive.

I was no great actor but one of my roles in a Christmas play was to be a king. My surname was Cole, so for some time after this people addressed me as “Old King Cole”.

Part of my role in that memorable play was to give cakes out to a number of needy children.

As we practised the play, the plate we were using developed a crack down the centre.  On the actual day of the play the plate broke in my hand as I went to pick it up. Half the cakes fell off to the hilarious laughter of those watching.

I looked to my teacher to know what I should do next. “Carry on, carry on” were her reassuring words.

So I scrabbled around the floor, put the cakes on a broken, sad-looking plate and continued as if nothing had happened. That memory has never left me.

Imprinted on my mind like a mantra was “If things crack or break you just carry on”.

The trouble is you can’t just carry on regardless when things break in life and you are not always meant to just plough on.For me, the story behind Christmas is a true, real, up-to-date story of a concerned, caring, heavenly father sending his son to a cracked and broken world so people could be restored and healed.

Actually, I’ve never met anyone who is not cracked or broken in some measure. I think everyone needs some repair. For some it is more obvious and acute than others.

For me. this is the story behind Christmas among the carols, the present giving, the good food and celebrations. It’s the story of a baby being born to carry out a well-planned strategic rescue.

At Christmas time we feel a strong desire to help and provide for those less fortunate than ourselves but I am also hoping that if you are feeling cracked and broken, you won’t just carry on as if nothing has happened but, as you reflect on the story behind Christmas, you will begin the journey with the one who came to mend our broken world and begin to be healed and mended yourself.  It may be a fresh new start for you.

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