Monday, 23 September 2019

Try to be less busy and listen to Jesus

IS busyness a virtue? Do you ever listen to the news and despair?

There is certainly lots that needs sorting out in the world. Most of it is not going to happen without hard work and lots of people being willing to put themselves out, especially on behalf of the powerless.

But, as ever, we humans so often can get things out of proportion.

One day after a busy spell of leading, teaching and healing, Jesus was invited by Martha into her home which she shared with her sister Mary and brother Lazarus.

As was the custom, Lazarus was probably out at work. It was presumed that the women would do all the housework and preparation for this hospitality.

Martha, who was rushing around doing jobs. then noticed her sister sitting at Jesus’s feet listening to him.

She was doing what only men were supposed to do, thinking deeply, like a disciple with a teacher. Exasperated, Martha asked Jesus to tell her sister off for not pulling her weight.

Instead, he said that on this occasion Mary had done the right thing.

I wonder how often we get caught up in busyness and lists of jobs to do and fail to notice what is going on under our noses? Do we miss the really big important moments?

Perhaps this summer season you can find some more moments and ways to be still, to consider your priorities.

If we can truly sit at Jesus’s feet, and listen to him, he will often surprise us and challenge our view of what is needed.

With my prayers and best wishes.

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