Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Is there room for hope in a world out of control?

CORONAVIRUS, terrorism, slavery, bees dying, forests burning, earthquakes shaking, volcanoes erupting.

Snowdrops, catkins, children laughing, sunshine glowing, friends meeting, blossom opening, community working.

The same world, but how we see it depends on our viewpoint.

It’s easy to say that living in  a beautiful place, in peace and comfort, means we don’t live in the real world. But who is to say which of these two views of the world is more real? Why is the sadness and pain “the real world”?

We have to hold the two in balance. Both are part of the global reality on this planet that we, the human race, call home. But if we say that the bad things are how it is and always will be, we are denying that beauty and love are also valid.

There are always people who will look on the dark side of things, who tell us the human race is heading inevitably and rapidly for disaster and extinction.  

But people still get married, have children, go on holidays, work for the good and wellbeing of the world and its inhabitants. The women who knitted pouches for the baby kangaroos whose mums had died in Australian fires. The people who quietly put African children through school as well as their own. The people who regularly buy for the food bank boxes as well as for their families.

Love, hope and faith that small things make a difference  are all part of what makes life worth living. And hope is what drives us on in a thousand ways, to improve our environment and care for those living in it.

The Bible talks a lot about hope. It tells us God’s mercies are new every morning, ends with a glorious picture of a renewed heaven and earth, with all the sorrow, pain and pollution washed away and the earth awakening to a new dawn freshly made, where people will know the reality that God is love and that the world is our home and it is safe and beautiful.

This is my hope and meanwhile I’ll try to live as if what I do makes a difference because I believe it does and it can. God’s kingdom will break through the darkness when people learn to love and trust and hope.

Geraldine Witcher Whitchurch

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