Friday, 14 May 2021

Have hope as joy will come again

HOW do you write a Thought for the Week in the middle of a national lockdown, a week when every day looks the same and the biggest decision is what to do to get through it?

Some families are unbearably busy with home- schooling and home-working, others with nothing at all to fill the long hours when we can’t go shopping, see friends or travel.

People are still dying from the pandemic, countries fighting over vaccines, Brexit is still causing problems and climate change looms as the next big issue.

But did you see the amazing sunrises we’ve had over the last few weeks? Did you see the misty mornings with trees and bushes rising like ghosts? Did you see the beauty of fresh fallen snow? Did you feel a thrill when news of a new baby came? Did you listen to the passionately hopeful poem read at the inauguration of President Joe Biden?

It’s easy to give in to despair and hopelessness when we watch the news. There seems no end to the pandemic. It is easy to mourn the things we’ve lost — freedom to travel, to meet friends and family, even our jobs.

But giving in is never the answer. The human heart thrives on hope and on love and we will get through this, maybe not unscarred, but nevertheless triumphant.

This is the Christian hope — that God is there in the pain, but also that God is able to bring us through the pain into joy again.

So this is my thought for the week, this is my faith:

Even in the darkest dark, a glow of hope still grows.
Even in the longest night a single star still shines.
A tiny seedling pushes through the frozen icy soil.
Joy will come again.
Even if there is no end of pain and loss in sight,
Where children cry and all the world is weeping.
Even though the endless waiting always be too long,
Joy will come again.
A bright new star.
An angel song.
A baby’s cry.
A weeping girl.
An empty tomb.
A joyous shout.
He’s Risen!
Though the pain and darkness loom and threaten.
Where fear and hopelessness seem to overcome.
When confusion reigns and life becomes a desert.
Risen Lord
He is with us still.

Joy will come again!

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