Thursday, 13 May 2021

The positive side of living with loss

LIVING with the reality of death and loss can be very positive. It helps us treasure what really matters and find hope.

We have faced a great deal in the last year with covid restrictions and losses, even if they were fewer than those who live in crowded inner-cities.

Wonderfully, there has also been lots of amazing care, neighbourliness and some time for fruitful reflection and appreciation of life’s simple blessings.

Gradually we now have to learn to live in a new way, to recover the confidence to be physically together again. We have to step out of our shells, restart businesses and embrace all that life is.

We cannot return to the “old normal”. A national debt needs to be paid and the virus will be part of life.

There are still too many of us humans making too much of a mess of this one precious, delicately balanced cradle of life, Earth, and mother nature will continue to demand a balance.

What narrative will give us confidence and belief that it is possible that all can still be well?

We will need humility and the belief that we matter and can make a difference.

Humility that we have to live in relation to all the globe and all creation, and I suggest humility that we glimpse into the heart of the Creator who shows us in Jesus on the cross that he is involved in all that is worst and painful, even death.

He knows the pains each of us faces and we are allowed to shout out. Here we encounter the depth of God’s humility and his belief in a future for us and all creation.

The cross showed God right there in all that is deepest and darkest but also that death did not have the last word. Easter came and with it, resurrection.

There is a new order which has begun and will win through. Deserting disciples were turned into courageous ambassadors. The story of eternal love and purpose was known and passed on.

We, the local churches, invite you to explore with us this life-giving mystery, gift and reality.

Do feel free to contact your local minister to ask questions. Or join us at any of the services taking place in person or online. Just check your local church website for the latest details.

Much has been given, at much cost. Risk using this well, sharing, humbly, thankfully and believing you matter and can make a difference as you venture forward… in faith, hope and love.

Wishing you a blessed Holy Week and joyful Easter life then on.

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