Wednesday, 08 December 2021

Covid crisis has taught us to give

MOST readers will be acutely aware that, last year in particular, when all of us were taught by rapid experience, many of our neighbours need our serious help. 

It has become instantly apparent to most of us in 2021 that the lessons we all learnt during the awful pandemic have now become a real ingredient of our permanent living. Thank goodness.

However, it just so happens that St Barnabas Day is today (June 11). So the life and ministry of St Barnabas is important for us to think about and what he actually did in his life.

So what are the main things we ought to be concerned about today?

The collect for St Barnabas Day puts in front of us three vitally and serious issues, which are:

“It is more blessed to give rather than to receive...”

“To be generous in our judgements.”

And to be “unselfish in our service”. Perhaps in 2021 we have already seen that “give” in our lives and to have “been selfish” were really given to us during our living during the

Important, too, for us to be generous in our “judgements” where politicans and scientific advisory professionals were concerned at times when the urgent restrictions produced considerable controversy.

So St Barnabas has a lot to share with us as we face the recovery of our society and our desperate economy.

Let us hope that perhaps folk who read this could just accept the accurate description in the Acts of The Apostles [11.v 24], that “Barnabas was a good man, full of the Holy Spirit and of faith”.

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