Saturday, 20 October 2018

Only God provides true peace and love

HOW does much of the world view Christians and Christian teaching?

HOW does much of the world view Christians and Christian teaching?

The teachings of Jesus and the lasting message of Christianity are perhaps the antithesis of modern culture and thinking:

* World says we must fight/see off our enemies. Jesus tells us love our enemies and turn the other cheek.

* World rewards hard work with material wealth, recognition and position. Jesus tells Christians to seek their reward in heaven and urges humility. In His kingdom the first shall be last.

* World believes that we achieve results by our own ability and we make our own luck. Jesus teaches that all the gifts that we have our God given.

* World believes in saving and building up wealth. Jesus teaches us to give it away and to share it.

* World believes we are held to account only by our peers. Jesus teaches that we need forgiveness from a higher power, from God the Father.

* World believes that everything has its price and can be bought to give us satisfaction — materially and emotionally. Jesus teaches that what we truly need is His peace and love — neither of which we can buy, but which are given freely to those who would believe.

* World bemoans suffering but for the Christian we are taught to accept it as part of life and turn it to advantage.

* World thinks all is hopeless — famine, disease, climate change, ever scarce resources. Jesus teaches us that we have hope that is real and life-changing.

Is it any wonder that the world thinks we are deluded? In the words of Prof Dawkins, deceived by the “God Delusion”.

Does the world see us as mad “mad, swivel-eyed loons” to coin a popular phrase? Perhaps, but there are 2.2billion Christian people in the world that think not.

What every living soul really strives for, longs for and needs is not material success, wealth and recognition, but peace, love and hope.

To live in peace, to be at peace with ourselves and God. To love and be loved and to have hope and optimism for what lies ahead.

As humans, we can make a stab at that but as we all know, we fail. We get part way there and then mess up.

The Christian knows that only God can give us true peace, true love and real hope.

Christianity may be the antithesis of modern culture, but modern cultures, like those before them, will fade and fail and can only bring disappointment.

Faith and believe in God and Jesus Christ will bring peace, love and hope to all who believe and for all eternity.

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