Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Opportunity to love for your community

WE are heading towards Good Friday and Easter faster than I ever remember.

WE are heading towards Good Friday and Easter faster than I ever remember.

I know I am getting older so time goes much more rapidly than for a younger person but this Lent seems to have flown by.

Finding the time to reflect on the events of the first Holy Week and Easter has become harder for all of us, even clergy.

We have Mothering Sunday this weekend, the mid-point of Lent. We give thanks for our mothers and those who have encouraged and nurtured us throughout our lives.

Whether this “mother” was our birth mother, an adoptive parent or a loving caring community or church, we can be grateful for all that we have been given and the love shown.

Somehow in the face of all we have received, even flowers, breakfast in bed or lunch out cannot repay all the debt of love and care. Often the best we can offer is a card and the obvious thanks.

However, perhaps the greatest way we can show our gratitude is to pass on some of the love and care we have received to a new generation of recipients.

By sharing that care, we can go some way to beginning a new community of love which will help to build a more loving and caring community.

We are reminded of the life of the early church in the years after Jesus’ resurrection in the Acts of the Apostles. We read there of the attractiveness of this caring community who showed real practical love to those in need. Perhaps our best Lenten growth can be to show that level of love and care to all we may know.

May the rest of Lent provide an opportunity to grow in love and care for your local community.

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