Sunday, 21 October 2018

Thought for the week

EASTERTIDE is when Christians celebrate Christ’s triumph over death.

EASTERTIDE is when Christians celebrate Christ’s triumph over death.

The resurrection of Jesus says that: yes, crucifixions happen; yes, the world is a mess; yes, my own life may at times be a mess; yes it is a rough, tough old existence; but, ultimately, there is only one way of living and, if I don’t do it, I can’t win in life.

I may, as Christ said, gain the whole world but lose my very self, my soul, if I don’t make of my life a gift to  others.

We are given a finite amount of time in this world. What will we do with it?

Rather urgently, the Resurrection asks us to roll the dice of our lives on trusting in this truth: that what Jesus taught is true, that is to say, that love, that virtue, are not naïve, even when laughed at or suppressed by others.

Sin, selfishness and cynicism are naïve, and are going to lose, even when they appear to triumph for a  season.

Those who bend the knee before God and others by realising that life is not about them but about relating to others in love will find meaning and a deep–seated joy that can survive all that life throws at them.

Those who do what the hell they like when they like, without consideration for anyone else, will not ultimately find meaning and life, even when they taste pleasure for a while. Those who live honestly, no matter what that costs, will be free.

Those who lie and rationalize will find themselves imprisoned in lies and complications and the need to cover up, with lack of respect from others, and ultimately defeat.

God vindicates the attempt to live out love and truth, even when we struggle with them.

The Resurrection says that, ultimately (even if not always proximately), the cosmos is a friendly place and we have to live life its way, the way decided by the Creator of life. We have to live life on its own terms or else it will never work out right. It can’t because the one who gives life to all things has not set up the contours of reality to work that way.

God is love, so if we don’t love, nothing can ever (ultimately) work out. It’s spiritual physics, if you like! It’s the way things are. So we have a choice to make.

Happy choosing. Happy Easter!

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