Friday, 19 October 2018

Hope for more than five hospital beds...

“I HOPEthat the new Townlands Hospital will have more than five beds.”

“I HOPEthat the new Townlands Hospital will have more than five beds.”

When we use the word “hope” it’s more to do with a wish we have rather than a future certainty.

Years ago, as a six-year-old boy, my dad said he was going to get me a bike for my birthday, so I put my hope in that promise.

Sure enough, on my birthday, I remember walking with my dad the two miles to pick up a second-hand bike he had arranged to get and on the way home ending up in the blackberry bushes as I learnt to ride for the first time.

My dad’s promise to me was as good as the actual substance. I’ve never lost my love for bikes since.

We may hope that politicians and government officials keep their promises but it doesn’t always work out.

With God I believe it’s a different story. He said: “I have plans to give you Hope and a future” and as I’ve watch people plug into God and receive training it has helped them get out of debt and to live within their means.

I have watched as people receive some training in how to find a job and keep it and as a result be good employees.

I have watched as people who were once full of fear in any relationship now work as volunteers laughing and talking to people with a new confidence. They have a hope and a future and are able to make the changes.

In the coming weeks the streets of Henley will be filled with people wearing the finest clothes and spending huge sums of money on food and overpriced drinks.

Yet, behind the scenes, there are people coming to use the Henley food bank because they have run out of money and as a result have not eaten for a few days.

Others are sleeping in their car or on benches because they have been evicted and no provision is in place for them.

I believe as people embrace the promises of Jesus they receive new hope and then can play a part in bringing that hope to others.

Have you ever thought of being part of the answer in bringing hope to people by volunteering or joining with others in the many charity groups in the town.? There is plenty to be done in bring fresh hope here in Henley.

Yes, we hope for more than five beds at Townlands Hospital too.

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