Saturday, 20 October 2018

Look after earth for those still to come

A FEW months ago I heard the last sentence of an item on the radio which

A FEW months ago I heard the last sentence of an item on the radio which has haunted me ever since â?? “Look after the earth, it is precious. They aren’t making it anymore.”

We often hear of the need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and so make some effort to reduce global warming. This is just possible with difficulty and we are making very limited progress.

Damage to the earth is also serious and has destroyed and is destroying land through quarrying, building and careless and/or greedy agricultural practices.

It can take many (sometimes hundreds) of years to repair. We can take small steps to repair some of the damage which can help but it is expensive and not by any means very effective in the short term.

The result of this mismanagement can and does result in many creatures being wiped out never to return.

We choose to forget that we are not owners of the earth, but merely tenants who hold the land in trust for future generations.

Many future generations will depend on the earth and its munificence to survive. It is interesting that this is currently one of the story lines of The Archers. This is the long-running serial about a small English village called Ambridge but the story line is repeated all over the world on a vast scale.

We must take into account our responsibilities. Our knowledge has given us great power but not necessarily great wisdom.

With modern technology the world has shrunk. When Donne wrote “No man is an island...” he was not in a position to know how vast the world is but he is still right. Each of us is dependent on another and ignorance is not a defence.

So when Jesus was asked “Who is my neighbour?” his answer has been expanded to include every person in the whole world and we are all responsible for looking after the world.

We have been asked to look after it for all generations to come and we must take our responsibilities very seriously and not put our own profit first.

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