Sunday, 16 January 2022

Decision is about your future as well

SOME years ago I remember watching a documentary about a couple who enjoyed cruises. On one

SOME years ago I remember watching a documentary about a couple who enjoyed cruises. On one of their Mediterranean sailings, one of the ship’s engines caught fire and although they battled to put it out, they were unsuccessful.

The captain took the decision in good time to abandon ship and get everyone in the lifeboats.

On this occasion, unlike the Titanic, there were enough lifeboats for everyone. There was no loss of life or serious injury and everyone was brought to shore safely.

The couple had recorded the last moments of the ship’s life as it sank below the waves against the backdrop of a beautiful sunset.

The amazing part of the documentary was that the very same thing happened to the couple a second time on another cruise. Again, the ship sank and everyone was rescued.

On each occasion the captain had made the decision in good time to abandon ship and people had taken seriously what he had said and put on their lifejackets before getting into the lifeboats.

On Thursday it will be time for us to decide whether we stay in the EU or exit and we all can play a part, that’s if we decide to go and cast our vote.

The Remain campaign are warning us of the financial disaster that will ensue if we leave and the loss of our trading power with our neighbours in Europe, while the Brexit campaign are encouraging us to exit now and break off the shackles of the controlling EU monster and re-engage with trade around the world.

These encouragements to decide have made me reflect on some of the serious decisions in my own life.

I think two particularly have impacted my life more than any others. One was to ask a lovely girl with dark, curly hair to marry me.

She said “yes” and after producing two boys, moving five times and having six different jobs, we are enjoying one another’s company even more 37 years later. That was a good decision.

But for me a decision that changed the course of my life happened as a teenager.

I went to an evening meeting on a Sunday in a church which was full of young people and an atmosphere that I hadn’t experienced before.

The speaker presented the message of God’s rescue plan through Jesus and encouraged us that we could all have an intimate relationship with God that could change our lives forever. He then said: “It’s time to decide.”

I remember battling inside whether I would say yes or just leave it and keep my options open.

When he gave us the opportunity to respond, he encouraged us to put up our hand if the answer was yes. I found myself putting up my hand. It is a decision I’ve never regretted. It has shaped the rest of my life. I no longer live just to please myself and my family. I look to someone else for my life. This person loves me and wants to give me a hope and a future.

In this week of making your decision on the EU, can I suggest that this could be a time to consider another important decision that could affect you even more than our future with Europe? It’s about your future too.  

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