Sunday, 14 August 2022

Top Dog? The hidden talents of Rollo

EMELIA Barber-Ellis, who is 10 and lives with her family in Emmer Green, says: “Rollo is a Jackapoo who came to live with us when we rescued him from his old owners who were not treating him nicely.

“He came to us with matted fur, long nails and blistered skin.

“Now he has been trimmed and has turned into a beautiful little dog who is about 18 months old.

“Our other dog Poppy is a black Labrador. She can run really fast but Rollo can actually keep up with her (despite his little legs).

“I’m amazed by how much Rollo has changed from being a sad and grumpy little dog to a bright, happy, lovely dog who even now smiles in his sleep!

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