Friday, 12 August 2022

Top Dog? Jack

LINDA SEWARD, from Cookley Green, says: “I would like to nominate our border terrier Jack.

He turned three on July 4. Like a firecracker, he is always whizzing around, ready for a walk or a round of golf at Huntercombe Golf Course.

Jack’s favourite activity, bar none, is to play 18 holes of golf. He knows Huntercombe like the back of his paw and loves to wander off and explore while my husband and son play.

He always knows exactly when to show up on the green and often lies down to watch their putts, urging the balls into the hole (he has been taught not to chase them).

Jack’s other job around the house is to keep a vigil of all the animal life in our garden. He looks out of the window calmly and steadfastly for hours at a time, only going berserk when a muntjac shows up.

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