Saturday, 20 August 2022

Top Dog? Darcey

LEXIE GUTTERIDGE, who is 10, says: “My dog is called Darcey and she is a 10-month-old golden cocker spaniel.

Darcey is my absolute best friend. She is the softest, friendliest little dog I think I have ever known!

She just loves company — grown-ups and children alike — and just wants cuddles all the time. As long as she is in human company she is very happy!

One of the funniest things about Darcey is her waggy tail. Her tail wags nearly all the time as she is such a happy dog. One of the things that is most special about her is how she can comfort me if I am upset. She gives the most amazing cuddles.

Darcey also lets me ‘train’ her for little treats. If I say ‘paw’ she sits and lifts her paws so she can get a dog treat, bless her.

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