Friday, 12 August 2022

Top dogs?

Top dogs?
WE have three dogs who we love so much. They are so cute and such a big part of our family.

The one on the left is called Harry. He’s a black Labrador and he’s two. He is very good looking and he is very fast.

The other Labrador is called Truffle and she’s 10 and the border terrier is called Pebble and is one.

Pebble might be the smallest but she’s in charge. Harry and Pebble love tennis balls, they are very easy to train and they love going for walks and running around, especially chasing after me when I ride my bike. I find it really good fun.

Truffle loves cuddles and kisses. She is so soft and cute. She is getting quite old and she doesn’t have as much energy as the other two.

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