Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Drivers warned toll bridge rebuild is set to overrun

WHITCHURCH toll bridge may have to remain closed for longer than expected.

The 111-year-old structure, which is owned by a private company, shut for refurbishment in October and is due to re-open on April 14.

Now the company says the work is already more than a month behind schedule and it can no longer guarantee to meet the target. It says it is trying to make up the time but there is a risk of more delays if there is poor weather in the spring.

The iron bridge is being reinforced to cope with the 6,500 vehicles that use it every day to cross the Thames.

Engineers from Birse Civils have taken it apart and will attach steel girders to the underside before rebuilding it. When they started the work, they discovered the bridge was more fragile than they had realised. They planned to remove it in four large sections but feared the uneven load might cause it to collapse.

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