Saturday, 19 June 2021

‘Workmen took two days to mend three potholes’

A CONSTRUCTION company boss claims council contractors are delaying the repair of potholes.

A CONSTRUCTION company boss claims council contractors are delaying the repair of potholes.

Mark Jefferies, of Wallingford Road, Goring, said he watched three workmen spend two days in December fixing three potholes in adjoining Gatehampton Road.

He said: “There were three men sat in their van drinking tea and reading the newspaper for two days when that job should take about an hour. Next time I’m going to take a picture.

“It’s wrong and somebody needs to do something about it. If I don’t work, I don’t get paid.”

Mr Jefferies, who worked for Associated Asphalt before starting his own business, said managers at Oxfordshire County Council should check that work by contractors was being carried out properly.

“They need to go and check what the men are doing,” he said. “The roads in South Oxfordshire are diabolical and full of potholes, some of them big enough to lose your car in. On the main road through Goring, near the station, the road is falling to pieces and it’s getting much worse. I don’t normally complain but this drives me mad because most people in the industry work so hard. It’s all of us who pay the price when we get a puncture or have a crash.”

A council spokesman said: “It is as important to us as it is to local residents that our operational gangs work efficiently and effectively and we will take necessary action if we are made aware of any problems. The work of the teams is monitored by supervisors in person and via tracking equipment fitted to the vehicles.

“Workers are entitled to a break and they take their breaks in their vehicles rather than returning to the depot, which would be a round trip of several miles.

“If someone has concerns regarding any work that is being carried out for us by our operational gangs then we are happy to hear from them at the time.”

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