Friday, 19 August 2022

Finally, residents win fight for road to be resurfaced

A ROAD in Sonning Common that is riddled with potholes is to be resurfaced following a U-turn by Oxfordshire County

A ROAD in Sonning Common that is riddled with potholes is to be resurfaced following a U-turn by Oxfordshire County Council.

Residents in Ashford Avenue have been campaigning for the work to be done after finding 25 craters.

Initially, the council said it couldn’t afford such non-priority work and filled some of the potholes.

Now it has changed its mind after residents complained that the repairs were short-lived and it will resurface the straight section of the road.

Keith Stenning, the council’s area steward, said: “The work has been ordered and I am awaiting confirmation of the start date. There are no plans for the loop section at present. When the work has been programmed, residents will receive a letter saying they will be required to park elsewhere during the duration of the work so that our crews can access the site.”

Last year, 29 residents signed a petition that was sent to the county council demanding repairs but there was no response.

In February, Anthony Horne and Pete Smith made a presentation to Sonning Common Parish Council showing photographs of the potholes.

The parish council responded by writing to the county council, asking it to make a “serious attempt” to solve the problem.

Parish clerk Philip Collings said: “The road, particularly on the south side, is in a terrible condition, constantly aggravated by it being used as a route through from Reades Lane to Baskerville Road and beyond. There is constant traffic, including large lorries, using the one side of the road and immediately destroying any repairs attempted. The constant use of just one side of the narrow road just makes things worse.

“We therefore ask you to advise when the residents can expect a proper resurfacing job to be done rather than the continuously failing patchwork approach.”

Mr Horne was delighted at the U-turn, saying: “It’s brilliant but it’s not a case of us winning, it’s a case of all the residents knowing they will be safe now.

“It has been a long battle but definitely worth it.”

Mr Smith, 80, who has lived in the road since the Fifties, said: “It’s nice to know that someone has eventually taken notice. It was probably the photographs that did it.”

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