Monday, 08 August 2022

Violence damaging recovery

VIOLENCE in Iraq today is as bad as it has been for years, according to Duncan Passmore.

He believes the trouble could destabilise the country’s economy by discouraging foreign investment.

There are fears of a sectarian divide returning as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, a branch of Al-Qaeda with fighters from the Sunni community, try to undermine the Shia-led Iraqi government by launching regular attacks. This has led to violence not seen since the US military withdrew two years ago.

Mr Passmore says the country has been forgotten in the West because Iraq’s troubles are hardly covered by the media any more.

He says: “The violence has reached the degree now of the sectarian divide of 2008, which is really appalling but it’s not shown on the news here anymore. It’s starting to feel like a forgotten war for the Iraqi people. Unless you dig deep on the internet you can’t find out about it. The BBC and CNN only discuss it occasionally. People want to forget about Iraq as it was on the news for 10 years.”

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