Thursday, 16 September 2021

SCORES of Henley shopkeepers would shut up shop tomorrow if they could be freed from their leases, it was claimed this week. Surveyor Simon Eve told town councillors that unless future development was properly planned, the result could be disastrous. Reminding them that shops were closing in Henley long before the recession began to bite, Mr Eve said: “The situation is very grave.”

Mystery sightings in the night sky sparked a UFO alert in the Henley area on Tuesday. Police were inundated with calls from people believing they had spotted a spaceship. Some residents grabbed their cameras in a bid to capture exclusive proof of visitors from outer space. “It was unbelievable to see,” said Dennis Pearson, from Ipsden. The object turned out to be a brightly lit airship travelling to White Waltham airfield.

Polling day in Henley yesterday was one of the busiest for years. Election officials reported a good turnout as the sunshine provided extra encouragement for voters. Polling stations at the town hall and Trinity Hall opened at 7am, when there were already people queuing to cast their votes.

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