Thursday, 21 October 2021

Turning back the pages - 50 years ago

IT was a chilly evening when Mr and Mrs Robert C Bond and their five children left their home in Gainsborough Road, Henley. They jumped into their car and drove off in fear without pausing to look back. This was a fortnight ago and today the house stands empty with a cold eeriness about it. Bluebells grow in the small front garden and children play nearby but most are afraid to go near. The reason? It’s haunted! Mr Bond, 48, a self-employed building contractor, explained on Wednesday that his family were scared stiff of the house and refused to go back.

A Henley man serving in the Metropolitan Police has been commended by the Commissioner of Police Sir Joseph Simpson, for “determination and detective ability leading to the arrest and conviction of an active gang of drug traffickers for receiving and possessing drugs”. Dc Roderick Taylor lives in Harpsden Road.

Sonning Common Parish Council could be increased by three members to 15 members next year on the reccomendation of Oxfordshire County Council.

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