Wednesday, 22 September 2021

WE are asked to announce for the benefit of those who have already notified their intention to take an allotment in the Deer Park, Marlow Road, that the arrangements made for breaking up this land by motor plough have unfortunately fallen through at the last moment. To meet the requests of the many who have counted upon having plots, and have laid in their stock of seed potatoes, arrangements have been made whereby it is hoped two acres of the ground will be horse-ploughed and ready for planting in 10 days’ time.

The grounds of Friar Park in Henley re-opened on the first Wednesday in May and will remain open until October. Owing to practically all the outsider men having been called up, the gardens, not unnaturally, have lost some of the neatness which has hitherto characterised their upkeep but Mr Knowles, the head gardener, has done wonders with the small means at his disposal.

Messrs Simmons & Sons conducted a very successful auction sale at Mill End Farm on Tuesday when a large quantity of live and dead farming stock was disposed of at satisfactory prices. The sale was necessitated by the calling up for military service of Mr G Gerhardt, the farm’s owner.

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