Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Turning back the pages

VANDALS ransacked Henley Youth Centre, causing £2,500 of damage. Panes of glass were shattered, games machines wrecked and doors smashed with fire extinguishers in Monday’s attack. Police believe the culprits were looking for cash. The driving test centre at Dominion House in Gravel Hill and Marlow Drilling Services and Keith Day Printers on the nearby Walden Estate were also targeted.

Officers at South Oxfordshire District Council are taking early retirement and new jobs are being created in a shake-up. Council secretary Roy Houghton, chief environmental health officer Neil Scott and recreation officer Roy Seddon are all leaving. Chief planning officer Mike Butt has been offered the new post of deputy chief executive and council solicitor Robin Hooper looks set to take on the additional responsibilities of secretary.

Complaints about the skateboard ramp at Mill Meadows in Henley have led to the town council restricting its use to daylight hours only. At a special meeting on Tuesday, members also decided to keep an eye on the area and make sure nothing amiss is going on. Gill Zakss pointed out the ramp was in a recreation area and people living nearby should expect young people to meet there.

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