Monday, 27 September 2021

PLANS to divert lorries driving into Henley along a mile-long residential route during this year’s royal regatta have prompted a backlash from residents. Oxfordshire County Council plans to close Thames Side to traffic from July 4 to 8, with cars and heavy goods vehicles being diverted up Hart Street, then through Deanfield Avenue and back down Greys Road to Reading Road. Residents say the move will lead to a procession of lorries following this route, causing traffic jams, noise and pollution.

Henley MP Boris Johnson paid two airline passengers £2,000 to give up their seat so his family could catch the flight. Last Saturday he was last to check in for the Easyjet Flight 2001 from Luton to Athens, along with his wife and four children. Ten minutes before the flight was due to take off, an announcement was made saying that due to a computer error the airline had overbooked the two seats. Mr Johnson was told that as two of his party were the last to check-in he would have to stay behind so he got out his wallet.

People in Henley should not worry about CCTV cameras intruding on their everyday lives, says town councillor Allan Follett, the man behind the scheme. He says it will make Henley a safer place.

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