Saturday, 18 September 2021

Turning back the pages: June 8, 1917

EARLY on Friday morning last, a number of aeroplanes flew over Henley. One of the pilots flying at a great height got into a bank of clouds and lost his bearings. He came down low just over the town and, finding the wind was treacherous at low altitude, decided to land in a field near Sheephouse Farm. On account of the choppy wind, combined with the unsuitable nature of the ground, he was unable to fly off again until Sunday evening.

A highly enjoyable concert was given in Trinity Hall on Wednesday afternoon In aid of the funds of the Henley Red Cross Hospital. The event was organised by the soldier patients at the hospital. Assisted by friends, they presented a long and varied programme, every item of which afforded abundant satisfaction to a large and appreciative audience.

The fourth annual concert of the Shiplake Glee Club took place in the parish hall on May 20. The following advocates kindly gave their assistance: Miss Muriel Tyrall (soprano), Miss Ive Laurie (violin), accompanied by her sister, Mr Herbert T Dameral (baritone), Miss Edith Stevens (piano), Miss G Cheasley, accompanist to the Glee Club, and Mr A Horton Denner (conductor).

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