Monday, 27 September 2021

Turning back the pages - 10 years ago

MYSTERY surrounds a raid by police on a riverside flat in Henley early on Tuesday. Residents told how up to a dozen armed officers from the Metropolitan Police smashed down the door of the top-floor flat in River Terrace. The flat is owned by Rainer Pannier, who recently retired from Marlow company Urenco, which sells the uranium used in nuclear weapons. It is understood Mr Pannier was in the flat at the time. Residents said they saw officers leaving the flat with blue boxes.

A large community of boat owners has been stranded in the Thames by flooding and dangerously high river levels. Fawley Meadows and Shiplake Lock are among sections of the river where owners have been forced to moor until the Environment Agency gives the all-clear for safe travel home. Boat owners who attended this year’s Thames Traditional Boat Rally have been particularly affected, with 77 craft still moored.

Twenty-five boat owners stranded on the river in Henley since Friday have vowed never to return to the town. They said the town council failed to provide basic amenities, such as water and toilets, and did not appear to care for their wellbeing.

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