Tuesday, 21 September 2021

Turning back the pages - August 18, 1967

ON Tuesday at about 3pm Mr E Buckett was sitting quietly in his kitchen at 45 King’s Road, Henley, listening to the Test match on the radio while his wife was out the back. “Suddenly we heard a crash of glass at the front of the house and found a van had smashed into the front window, demolishing a wall in front of the house,” he said. Two vans had been in collision in King’s Road and the smaller one left the road.

The Royal Navy’s largest aircraft carrier, HMS Eagle, sails this week from Plymouth and is expected to visit Cape Town and Singapore before being stationed in South Arabian waters next January, when she will form the nucleus of the Aden task force. One member of crew is REM (Air) Roger Mills, a former pupil at Henley Grammar School and member of the sea cadets. On arrival at Singapore, Roger hopes to contact his father, a government communications officer, by short-wave radio.

In response to a letter last week from George Pratt enquiring as to which bird strips the berries off his daphne mezereum, Mr and Mrs T Batty, of King’s Road, Henley, inform us their shrub has suffered a similar fate in previous years and the culprits were two greenfinches.

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