Monday, 18 October 2021

AN application was made for the transfer of the Bear Hotel in Bell Street, Henley, from Mr F E Townsend to Mr Arthur Lockyer, of Fish Hill, London. Mr Lockyer was question as to whether he was of military age and he replied in the affirmative but handed in a certificate showing that he had been placed in the “rejected reserve”. In reply to a question from the Henley Borough Bench, he said it was partly on account of the air-raids that he had come from London to Henley. The application was granted.  

At about 9.30am on Thursday last week the Wargrave fire brigade received a call from Wargrave Manor, the residence of Sir W M E Cain. In a very short time, the firemen were on the spot and found that a block of wood, to which an electric push was fixed, was burning. The fire was promptly dealt with and all the danger was quickly over. Mr H Say, the butler, discovered the outbreak in time to prevent a serious conflagration.

Measles has broken out and spread with great rapidity among the younger children of Wargrave parish and it has become necessary to close the infant school in consequence.

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