Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Turning back the pages - 100 years ago

THE likelihood of one or more of Henley Rugby Club’s players taking the field in bare back was prevented by local child vigilantes. Five bags of dirty shirts were placed outside Ray Payne’s home in King’s Road ready for collection by the laundryman. Not long after this the rag collector arrived and within seconds the bags were in his cart. Fortunately, children informed Ray’s mother-in-law that the “laundryman” had called and a concerted charge led to the recovery of the shirts. The rag collector said: “I thought my luck was in!”

There has been a number of small fires in the Henley area in the last week. Some trees were set alight in Mill Lane by children playing with fireworks on Saturday morning and almost at the same time a paraffin tank caught fire in the kitchen of a house in Western Avenue. Both fires were put out in a matter of minutes by the fire brigade, which was also called out to Upton Close, Sonning Common and Dunsden.

John Cook sets sail today from Southampton in The John Biscoe for a trip which may last two years in the Antartic. The 28-year-old bachelor son of Mrs Fitzgerald, of Watermans Road, Henley, trained as a wireless operator and gained officer rank in the Merchant Navy.

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