Friday, 17 September 2021

Fifty years ago...

THE police at Henley are making active enquiries into incidents where motorists have been asked to give breathalyser tests by persons who, it has been established, were not police officers. The first incident occurred on October 14, when a motorist who had just left a Highmoor public house was stopped by a man with a grey van who appeared to be wearing some sort of uniform. The driver was handed a breathalyser and blew in into it. The man then examined the breathalyser and told the motorist: “Everything’s all right. Off you go.”

Victoria Bayliss, 11, of Gainsborough Hill, Henley, has won a scholarship to the Arts Educational Trust, a residential school for both ballet and academic training. Since the age of five, Victoria has received her initial tuition in ballet at the Stage School of Dance, Henley. Victoria went to London last week and danced before Miss Beryl Grey, one of Britain’s premier ballerinas and director general of the trust.

Police at Remenham diverted traffic on Friday night and again on Saturday when trees, buffeted by the high winds, fell and blocked the A423, the main Henley to Maidenhead road. The trees were soon sawn up and removed from the road and normal traffic resumed.

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