Wednesday, 29 September 2021

Turning Back the Pages: 100 years ago

THERE was a gathering at the Henley Technical Institute on November 9, which was of a very interesting nature for such a function has only happened twice before in the town. We refer to the presentation to Sir Frank Crisp of the honorary freedom of the ancient borough of Henley-on-Thames. Sir Frank is known as the generous owner of the beautiful residence and grounds at Friar Park, a gentleman whose benefice is unstinted but not indiscriminate and who is ever ready to help a deserving cause.

Two delightful concerts were given in the Congregational Hall on Monday evening in aid of the fund for sending Christmas presents to Henley men serving abroad. The concerts were arranged by Miss J Cooper and it must have been very gratifying for her to see two such excellent houses.

On Wednesday the children of the Holy Trinity and British elementary schools, Henley, were entertained at the Picture Palace by the former mayor Alderman W Hamilton, when a most enjoyable programme was provided. It was Ald Hamilton’s intention to have given these treats during his mayoralty but in consequence of the prevalence of measles in the town he postponed them until a more convenient time.

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