Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Turning back the pages - 100 years ago

ALREADY several letters have been received from France expressive of thanks for the parcels sent from the Soldiers Christmas Presents Fund. All the letters convey the men’s great pleasure, not so much with the gift, but at the thought that they are not forgotten by the people at home.

Mrs E Bryant, of Greys Hill, Henley, has been notified that her husband, Private E Bryant OBLI, is suffering from trench fever and that he is now an inmate of the Orpington Military Hospital, where he is reported to be progressing favourably. Pte Bryant is the eldest son of Mr and Mrs Bryant, of Albert Road, Henley.

A butcher who purchased a bullock in Henley market on Tuesday last week is wondering what he should do to secure himself 20 per cent profit which Lord Rhonnda, the Food Controller, said butchers should be allowed to make. When the animal he bought had been killed the cost of the meat worked out at 1s 7d per lb. Making an allowance for what the butcher can get for the hide and offal brings the price down to 1s 5d per lb. The average price per lb, at which the butcher has to sell meat as fixed by the Henley food control committee, is 1s 8 ½ d per lb.

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